About Me


I am a professional designer and have been selling my designs since 2003. But, that’s not where it began – I really started designing at the age of 11; not even realizing what the future would hold for me. So, in 2003 I began selling on popular auction sites and eventually became a vendor designer for Annie’s (formerly Annie’s Attic). You can also find my designs on Independent Creative Group (ICG), Everything Plastic Canvas (EPC), Annie’s-Publishing, and E-Patterns Central, to name a few. I built my first webstore in 2005 (plasticcanvascreations.com) and several other stores over the years to the current stores here, graphghans.com and lissaconleydesigns.com

Crochet in general..

Are you the 90%?

It’s important to know that my crochet patterns (2016 to current) are specifically designed for a certain stitch and blanket size. 90% of graphghanners do not 1) know about gauge, and 2) understand the importance of gauge for graphghans. Regarding my patterns, it is crucial to follow the gauge & stitch recommended. Instructions for this are in all of the new patterns (2016 to current). It’s very easy and sometimes hookers are nervous about it. DON’T BE! It’s easy – trust me.

Being in the midst of 100’s of designers and many more entrepreneuring in this industry  – my style is set apart from any other. I have the teachings from a multi-college degreed and skilled hookwork artist, two years of problem solving trial and error, and the knowledge I have obtained for over a decade of designing, I feel that I have truly cracked the code to providing my customers with stitch specific designs so they can work up nearly perfectly proportioned graphghans and projects. My designs may be “awesome”, but it takes the me and you to create the most beautiful and wonderful graphghans ever!

Portrait graphghans..

I LOVE portraits. Most of my design time is spent on portrait graphghans. I have people from all over the world contact me because they want their loved one(s) stitched into a blanket. Sometimes it’s for a gift for someone else. Whatever the case may be.. I try my hardest to help. I know that someone is going to display it proudly, cherish it greatly, or wrap it around them so they can feel the love come through. Click here for more info.

More about graphghan gauge..

Ask yourself..

Do I want my blanket to come out 9 feet tall or 5 feet like I expected?

I have a round image on my graphghan pattern. Do I want to come out round or oval?

Do I want little Johnny’s baby blanket to be 30″ x 30″ like it’s supposed to be, or am I really okay with 50″ x 70″?