Jody’s Crafts & More Club ( JCMC )

Monthly Pattern Club for Crochet / Graphghans



ATTENTION CURRENT MEMBERS – this club is now owned by Jody Vigeant. Please note new payment structure for APRIL!

There are 2 pay options for the monthly club. $5 and $10. You can pay manually (come here to make your payment each month) or you can have auto pay (you will be billed automatically, each month).

THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO STAY – you can leave the club anytime.

MANUAL PAY – $5 pick 4 patterns

MANUAL PAY – $10 pick 10 patterns

AUTO PAY – $5 pick 4 patterns

AUTO PAY – $10 pick 10 patterns

New members are added by the 6th of each month. You MUST pick patterns in the month you are paid. Late picks are not accepted.

Picking dates: Between the 1st and last day of the month.

Patterns are sent: Between the 6th and last day of the month.

Pay dates: We prefer payments in the last week of the previous month. (Example: For May, pay in the last week of April.)

However, you can pay up until the 5th of the month. Anything after the 5th will go towards the next month.

Our clubs are housed in a Facebook group. If you are new, we need to know your Facebook name.