Portraits & Other Custom Jobs




Before you contact me, there are some very important things to know.


1. For portrait or realistic graphghans, I MUST HAVE at least 1 image before I can give you a price/quote. The more images, the better.

2. You MUST let me know the answers to all of the questions at the bottom of this form before I can give you a price/quote.

3. Know the details below. Yes, it’s a lot to read – please take 15 minutes to read it all. I want to provide you with the best service possible.




1. Payment is due upon agreement or the design is not worked on. You will be shown a final image before the pattern is sent, to make sure you are satisfied. If in a rare case that you are not, I will do my best to make it better. If it doesn’t work out, I will refund 75% of the payment.

2. My designs are custom made to suit your stitch type. If you request a SC design and decide to do it in HDC, it WILL NOT look right. Example:


3. I do not officially do full color portrait patterns, however, I dabble with it here and there. Officially, I do blends of grey and blends of brown. IF you get a pattern of the blend of greys, and you request some red also, you will need to find those red yarns yourself. I provide the basic color names. After years of designing, I found that most people like to use a brand of yarn that they prefer anyway.. and this way you can use your favorite brand.

4. Personalization is FREE at the time of creation. No extra charge.

5. Backgrounds – if you want backgrounds removed, there is an extra $5 fee. You can also remove backgrounds before sending image. Please do NOT crop images.

6. Modifications after the pattern has been approved and then finalized. $10 to $20. This means, after you approve the pattern, whether the final has been sent to you or not, I will charge an additional fee to make those changes.

7. If you order and pay for a graph chart only, and decide later that you want written after it’s been finalized, this is a $15 charge.

8. I can not make written instructions, modify, or work on ANY patterns that you receive from other designers.

9. I am not able to give you a color key or yard information before the pattern is finalized.

10. For portrait patterns, the image(s) must be CLEAR. Old photos from an 80’s camera or polaroid usually do not work. I can always try, though.

11. Portrait base price is $45 (or less) can consist of TWO people or faces. Additional faces are $5 each.

12. If you are making this project for someone else as a request by them, they need to be aware of all this information.

13. CL (including c2c) does not come with row by row written instructions

14. Colors – I provide basic color names so you can use whatever type of favorite yarn you want (lt grey, md grey, dk grey, etc) I also provide a list of yarns that I have found works the best so you can find the different stores that sells them.

What’s inside your pattern?


All custom jobs can range from $15 to $45. This is because the jobs can range from an easy 2 color silhouette, up to a very detailed realistic photo.

Something you may not know..

Price too high? Going with someone cheaper? Before you spend your money, find out if the designer edits your portrait. Some designer will import an image and never work on editing. This may be something you’re okay with, but I just want you to be aware this happens frequently and I get a lot of customers who are upset with those outcomes. I ALWAYS EDIT.

Here are some samples of before editing and after:


What I need from you…

email: theplasticcanvasgal@yahoo.com or contact me on facebook messenger: https://www.facebook.com/lissamitchell1

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